Set up a vendor for ScaleFactor Bill Pay 📫


Connect your vendor to ScaleFactor Bill Pay for easy payment.

Click on your company name in the upper right corner of your ScaleFactor App and then select Customers & Vendors from the drop down menu. 



Select an Existing Vendor

Locate the vendor you would like to pay using the search bar or paging through the list of vendors. Click on the vendor name. 

Create a New Vendor

You can also create a new vendor here by selecting “New Contact.” Complete the required fields and ensure “Vendor” is selected as the contact type, then click on the Save button.


Set up Bill Pay for Vendor

Once on the vendor’s information page, select the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Edit from the drop down menu. 



Scroll down to the Preferred Payment Method section and select the Make electronic payments (ACH) radio button, then click on the blue + Send New Invite link: 



Set up Auto-Approval (optional)

If you would like to set up auto-approval for payment of vendor invoices, while in Edit mode, go to the Auto-Approval section and toggle the switch to "Auto-Approve for this Vendor."

You may also select the check box "Only auto approve below specified amount:" and enter the maximum amount approved for automatic payment, then select Save:



Send Invitation to Set Up Receivables Account

Add the email address of the vendor's authorized representative and select Send Invite. ScaleFactor will reach out to that representative by email with instructions for signing up to receive payments. 



Check the Status of Your Vendor

Once submitted, the vendor page will display a status update with information on when the request was sent and the email it was sent to, such as Invite Pending



  • To send the request again, click the Resend button. 
  • To cancel the request, click the Delete button.

To view more details about the status of your vendor, this article describes how to get detailed information about the status of a vendor.  


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