Add an avatar to my profile 👤


Let others see you with a personalized avatar image.

We use Gravatar to display our users’ avatars. 

To set up your own avatar, click your business name in the upper-right corner and select Settings from the drop down menu.

Next, click on the Profile tab. 

Under User Avatar, click on the link to set up your avatar through Gravatar following the instructions below. 

Once you have saved through Gravatar, your avatar will begin to appear within the ScaleFactor portal.


Guide to creating your Gravatar: 

Navigate to

Click on the blue “Create Your Own Gravatar” button on the middle right of the screen:





Sign up for Gravatar 



Set up your Gravatar account using the email address affiliated with your ScaleFactor account. Select a username and password of your choice (we won’t see either of these.)


Open the confirmation email from / Gravatar



After completing the previous step, you will receive a confirmation email from (Gravatar.) Open the email and select the Activate Account button to confirm your account.   


Log in to your account



Using the credentials you created, log in to Gravatar.

Select the profile icon 



In the upper right corner, select this icon to open your profile:


Customize your profile 



Gravatar is used by other sites, so you may want to customize your profile further. 


Note: The avatar you use on comes from Gravatar, a universal avatar service (it stands for "Globally Recognized Avatar"). Your image may also appear on other sites using Gravatar whenever you're logged in with the email address tied to your Gravatar account.

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