Project Costing


How ScaleFactors works with Project costing in QBO / Xero

Project Cost Tracking is a feature in Xero and QBO that allows a business to tie individual revenue and expense items to specific projects. This then allows for filtering the income statement by project to understand project profitability.

ScaleFactor Bookkeeping will set the category and contact on transactions, but will not set the project. Projects can be set directly in the accounting file or an integrated project management platform.

ScaleFactor Bookkeeping supports:

  1. Work in conjunction with an integrated project management solution that performs the job costing function
  2. Providing a monthly report of the transactions that do not have a project associated

ScaleFactor Bookkeeping does not support:

  1. Creating projects
  2. Assigning transactions to projects
  3. Providing project specific reporting [Project profitability in QBO] | [Project profitability in Xero]
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