Submitting and approving hourly payroll information


ScaleFactor payroll makes it easy to process your payment for your salary and hourly workers.

Four easy steps to payroll approval:

  1. Submit Employee Hours
  2. Submit any outstanding adjustment requests
  3. We’ll alert you if the payroll is over 75% of your bank balance
  4. Provide a final approval (optional)


1. Submit Employee Hours

If you have hourly employees, a request for employee hours will appear in your Home feed after your previous payroll run. Upload a CSV or PDF containing employee hours worked and their hourly rate.


2. ScaleFactor collects any outstanding payroll adjustment requests

Select Payroll->Adjustments from the side navigation to access the payroll adjustment request view. Any adjustment requests submitted through the period will be collected 2 or 4 days before payroll is issued. The pending requests will be moved to complete once payroll has been issued. Provide as much detail as possible for adjustment requests to ensure accurate  and timely processing.


3. ScaleFactor will alert you if the payroll exceeds 75% of your bank balance

If your payroll is 75% or more of the default bank account, ScaleFactor will notify you through a task in your Home feed and an email. Respond to the task to select how to proceed. 


4. Approve the payroll and ScaleFactor will finalize the processing (Optional)

An optional final approval step can be made available. Payroll disapproval must be made by 5pm CT 2 days before your pay date.


And then we’ll take it from there and ensure all payroll and adjustments are processing accurately!


If you have any questions or need additional assistance, submit a support request

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