What is Cash Vision ๐Ÿ”ฎ


Get to know the Cash Vision tool.

ScaleFactor Cash Vision helps you understand your company's cash flows. This is the first automated solution on the market incorporating historical accounting, machine learning and a simple to use interface for any business owner. It is a tool that is used to estimate future cash flow projections as accurately as possible, however your input is highly recommended and will make the forecasts much more accurate.

See a six-month projection of transaction-level cash in and cash out activity and always know your expected cash balance on hand. Cash Vision integrates seamlessly with your accounting file to create an automated cash flow forecast so you can get a pulse on where your business is today and where youโ€™re heading in the future.


The scenarios tool allows you see how alterations, like hiring a new employee or purchasing a piece of equipment, may affect your cash flow.  

The calendar view allows you to see when you are scheduled to make payments and when you have cash coming in. It is your cash flow at a glance. 



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