Fix bank feed errors in QuickBooks Online


When the bank feed in QuickBooks Online (QBO) stops syncing, you will find an orange exclamation point shown in the account tile, which means that QuickBooks was unable to retrieve transactions from your bank. In most cases, QBO will display an error message underneath the bank tile telling you what happened and how to fix it


If you don’t see a message or you have accidentally dismissed it, one of three scenarios has likely occurred. Here’s how to troubleshoot to find out.


Scenario 1: The bank had a hiccup and couldn’t connect.

QBO sent the call to retrieve transactions and the bank didn’t respond.

How to fix it:

Click the Update button at the top right of the screen and QuickBooks will contact the bank again. If this is the issue, the bank will reconnect to QuickBooks momentarily.



Scenario 2: The password has changed.

Many banks require you to change your password every so often. When you change your password, you’ll need to log in into QuickBooks and update the password in the Banking Center.

How to fix it:

From the Banking Center, click on the pencil icon at the top right of the account tile.


Then, click on Edit sign-in info.


On the next screen, update your User ID and password.


Scenario 3: The bank feed connection is corrupted.

In this case, the connection between QuickBooks and the bank is broken, and you’ll need to disconnect the account from the bank and reconnect it again.

How to fix it:

From the Banking Center, click on the pencil icon at the top right of the account tile.


This time, click on Edit account info.


Check the box next to Disconnect this account on save, and then Save and Close.


Go back to the Banking Center and reconnect the account.  Here is a link to a QBO support article that shows you how to reconnect your account in QBO.

When you reconnect the account, we encourage you to find the last day of transactions in QBO, and select the following day as the day when QBO should start importing transactions.


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