I can’t find my bank in the list of banks from Plaid


If you cannot find your bank, this is due to the fact that Plaid is not currently supporting a connection for your bank.  However, ScaleFactor has a path forward for you.

Create a “View-Only” login for ScaleFactor to use to log in and access your businesses finances.

This is a function that most banks offer and can typically be addressed through your bank’s online banking portal.


Here’s how to do this with most of the larger banking institutions:

American Express (AMEX)

Bank of America

Bank of the West BNP

Chase Bank (Only for checking and savings accounts, not credit cards)

Comerica Bank

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

US Bank

Wells Fargo



These banks will require you to contact them directly via phone:

Affinity Federal Credit Union

Key Bank

Huntington Bank

First Republic Bank - Corporate Online

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU)


These banks DO NOT offer this function:

Capital One

Citi Bank


If your bank does not offer “view-only” access, we will ask that you be prepared to send ScaleFactor bank statements on a monthly basis through your Home feed tasks and make sure your bank feeds in your respective accounting file are always up to date.

If your bank is not listed here, we encourage you to contact your bank directly (by either email, phone call, or visiting your local branch) to determine if this is possible and what steps will be involved. 

When creating these accounts, the bank will typically ask for information about ScaleFactor.  Here is information to provide when creating this account (We encourage you to capture this information in a screenshot or a saved file so you have it when you speak to the bank):

Name:  Scale Factor

Email Address: Your account email with ScaleFactor (This typically follows the general format of yourcompanyname@app.scalefactor.com - if you have not been provided this email address yet, please contact customer support).

Phone Number:  (512) 387-9880

If you encounter any problems along the way, please contact customer support using the help request feature in your ScaleFactor app.

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