Scheduling Your Deep Dive Call to Kick Off Implementation


One of the Onboarding tasks in your Home feed will prompt you to schedule your Deep Dive Call. 

This is where you’ll be meeting with your Technical Accounting Manager to walk you through the next implementation steps post-onboarding. 

Here's how to schedule your deep dive call:

Click the Schedule Meeting button in the bottom right of the Schedule Meeting with ScaleFactor Card.

A popup will appear showing a calendar. The deep dive call will last 60 minutes so grab any date that works for your schedule. Days that have open time available will be shown in light blue. Simply click on a day, select a starting time, and confirm. 

Fill in your full name, your email address, and the name of your company. If you’d like additional guests included in the call, select the ‘additional guests’ link and add the email address of anyone else that will attend the call. 

Finally, select the Schedule Event button at the bottom. 

A confirmation email will arrive in your inbox but prior to the call, you will receive an email with instructions to prepare you for the deep dive call. 

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