When can I get my financial statements? (What is my Close Date?)


The timing of requesting and receiving your monthly financial statements depends on your Close Date. The Close Date is the business day in the current month by which you can receive the financial statements for the prior month. The default Close Date for users is the 20th business day, therefore, the day by which a user can receive July financial statements is the 20th business day of August. 


You are able to request your monthly financial statements five business days before your Close Date, which generally means the 15th business day of the following month. ScaleFactor will generate, review and finalize the requested reports within 5 business days of receiving the request, often sooner. Outstanding requested information from the business may delay the delivery of the reports, however, so be sure to check your Home feed for any outstanding tasks related to the requested month's financial statements.


See this article for more detail on what's involved in producing financial statements each month.


ScaleFactor offers Accelerated Close Dates of 10 and 15 business days for an additional annual fee. This product add-on is perfect for those needing an expedited turnaround on their monthly financial statements, whether that be for board or investor meetings or simply faster business decision making.


An Accelerated Close functions the same way in that users can request their financial statements 5 business days prior to their Close Date and will receive their monthly financial statements within 5 business days of the request, given that all information required has been received from the user.

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