How do I get general help within ScaleFactor? 🙋🏽‍♂️



If you need help while working in ScaleFactor, you can select the Help button in the lower right hand corner of any page.


First, select the Topic that you need help with. These options will be products that come standard with ScaleFactor and any other products you specifically purchased.

Next, answer a few questions about how we can specifically help you. You will then be able to submit a question and attach a document if necessary.

Click Submit to send your question to the ScaleFactor team. 

A new Help Request card will generate in your Home feed to track your question and our expert response, which you can expect within one business day.

Once ScaleFactor has replied, you can either submit another question or close the task by clicking on the Resolve button.



For assistance on a specific task within your Home feed, you can submit a support request from the Help button on the task card.

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