Complete transaction cards in your Home feed 🧾


Help us classify your transactions.

When a transaction needs your attention in order to be classified, we will send you an email asking for more information and you will be prompted in the ScaleFactor app to provide contextual details in the Home feed, Dashboard and Transactions page.

This article describes how to complete a transaction card from the Home feed.

If there are transaction cards needing your attention, there will be one task in your Home feed grouped by month and titled Answer Questions about 5 Transactions in Month Year.


In order to resolve the remaining transaction tasks, take the following steps: 

  1. Click the Review button in the task to review the transaction amount, date, description, and bank account. Our machine learning algorithm may suggest the vendor (contact) or account (category) and there may be a note from a ScaleFactor bookkeeping expert with clarifying questions. Next, fill in the missing information.

  2. (Optional) Select a Contact from the drop-down menu, letting us know which vendor is associated with the transaction. 

  3. (Optional) Select a Category to help us classify and track the transaction. 

  4. (Required) In the Comment field, please provide any additional relevant information about the transaction. (ex. I took a client to dinner at this restaurant.)

  5. Mark as Done. Repeat until all transactions have been cleared. 

It is important to accurately code transactions so that you have timely, relevant information in your Dashboard and your monthly financial statements. It's so easy to complete transaction cards, you can do it in the ScaleFactor mobile app on your phone while waiting in line for coffee!


Where will I be notified if I have transactions for review?

You can also complete transaction cards on the Transactions page.




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