Bank account verification with micro-deposits for bill payment via ACH or check 🔒


To verify your bank account for paying bills via check or ACH, we will send two micro-deposits within the range of $0.01 - $0.10 to the bank account you specify.

Click your business name in the upper-right corner and select Settings from the drop down menu.

Select the Accounts tab. 

Scroll down to Bill Pay Accounts Authorized for Checks, which is followed by Bill Pay Accounts Authorized for ACH

Select either Verify for Checks or Verify for ACH to submit a request for micro-deposits. You will be prompted to enter your routing number, account number and account type. Then press the Submit for Micro-Deposits button.


It can take up to one to two business days for the micro-deposits to post to your account. 

After receiving these micro-deposits, you must come back to the Settings > Accounts page to enter the deposited amounts into the form on the next step. You must verify each of your bank accounts separately before sending checks from them / paying via ACH.

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