Cash Vision Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's about the Cash Vision tool

How does Cash Vision forecast cash balances?

The Cash Vision tool calculates your historical cash inflows and outflows and averages them out. That data runs through a machine learning algorithm that decides which transactions to include and exclude, then creates a forecast based on a number of rules that are built on finance expertise and data modeling.


How accurate is Cash Vision? How can I make my forecast even more accurate?

The forecast created by the Cash Vision tool is an estimate that is intended to give business owners an idea of how much cash will be available in the future. The single greatest input you can have is by adjusting expected revenue, which is easily done within the tool by adding, editing or deleting transactions based on expected increases or decreases in inflows (revenue or expected investments.) 


Does CashVision incorporate A/R & A/P?

Since the machine learning takes a large number of factors into consideration, it does calculate what your A/R and A/P should be but it does not pull your A/R and A/P directly from your systems, yet.


Does CashVision incorporate Payroll?

Payroll is considered in the forecasts based on historical spend on contractors and employees.


How much data does Cash Vision use to project 6-month cash flow?

All historical accounting file data is used to make the projections.


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