How do I create a new scenario in my Cash Vision tool?


Build a new scenario in your Cash Vision tool. 

Create Cash Vision Scenarios to make informed decisions on growing your business. Take the guesswork out of knowing when to hire new employees, buy a company vehicle, or move in to a new office by creating “what if” scenarios. See the impact of those financial decisions modeled in
cash flow projections. Understand the impact to your cash balances based on different decisions. 


To Create a New Scenario:

 Navigate to Cash Vision on the left side navigation menu and select the Scenarios tab.


Select the Create Scenario button, which will open a pop up. 

  • Add a name for your new scenario 
  • Select an existing scenario to build your projection off of, or base it off your current cash flow projection 
  • Select the Submit button



You will be brought to your newly created scenario, which is indicated at the top. 



Select the pencil icon to edit the name of your scenario, or scroll down to create transactions by selecting the Create Transaction button. 



Complete the Add a Transaction form with the following information and select the Submit button: 

  • Transaction Name
  • Contact (optional)
  • Type: Cash In or Cash Out
  • Amount
  • Frequency 
  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date 



You will receive a notification that your transaction was successfully created and your Cash In and Cash Out projections will be updated accordingly. Scroll down to view the transactions that are used to calculate your Cash Vision projection.  Any transactions you've added will be marked with a yellow bar.



To Adjust an Existing Scenario:




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