How do I adjust an existing scenario in my Cash Vision tool?


Edit an existing scenario in your Cash Vision tool. 

 Once you've created a scenario in your Cash Vision tool, you can make adjustments at any time. 

To Adjust an Existing Scenario:

 Navigate to Cash Vision on the left side navigation menu and select the Scenarios tab.


Select the tile of the scenario you would like to adjust under the My Scenarios section. 



You will be brought to your existing scenario page, which is indicated at the top. 



Select the pencil icon to edit the name of your scenario, or scroll down to make edits. 

You can create new transactions in this scenario by selecting the Create Transaction button, or you can edit, ignore or delete any transactions by selecting one of those options in the drop down menu. Remember, any transactions you've added will be marked with a yellow bar. 



You will receive a notification that your transaction was successfully updated or created and your Cash In and Cash Out projections will reflect those changes. 








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