What is the Cash Vision Calendar View?


The Cash Vision calendar view shows your projected cash flow at a glance. It allows you to see when you are scheduled to make payments and when you have cash coming in. See a six-month projection of transaction-level cash in and cash out activity 

 Navigate to Cash Vision on the left side navigation menu and select the Calendar tab.



The table on the right displays details about your projected transactions. 

  • The amount of cash projected for the beginning of the month can be found in the green Starting Cash bar, with the amount of cash projected at the end of the month found in the orange Ending Cash bar
  • Incoming transactions are listed at the top in green
  • Outgoing transactions are listed below in orange
  • Incoming and outgoing transactions are further divided into sections of recurring and non-recurring transactions  
  • Remember, transactions you have added will be marked with a yellow bar. 



Select the arrows at the top of the calendar to move forward up to six months, or backward to the current month. 

  • Hover over the highlighted dates in the calendar for more details about the transaction
  • Orange blocks indicate outgoing transactions and green blocks indicate incoming transaction 



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