How can I adjust transactions to make my Cash Vision forecast more accurate?


Make your Cash Vision forecast even more accurate by updating transaction details. You can make adjustments in either your current forecast or within a scenario you've created by creating new transactions or by editing, ignoring or deleting existing transactions. 


Add a New Transaction

To add a new transaction, such as expected revenue, simply scroll down and select the Create Transaction button. 



Fill out the Add a Transaction form with the following information, then select the Submit button: 

  • Transaction Name
  • Contact (optional)
  • Type: Cash In or Cash Out
  • Amount
  • Frequency 
  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date (optional)



Adjust an Existing Transaction

You can edit, ignore or delete any transactions by selecting one of those options in the drop down menu on the individual transaction line. Remember, any transactions you've added will be marked with a yellow bar. 



Edit a Transaction

Select Edit from the drop down menu to open the Edit a Transaction pop up and make adjustments to the transaction as needed. 

  • For recurring transactions, the "Apply changes to" field allows you to select whether the edits will change the entire series of recurring transactions, or just that single occurence. 


Delete a Transaction

Select Delete from the drop down menu to remove a transaction from your Cash Vision forecast. If it is a recurring transaction, you will be presented with a pop up and must select the option of deleting "Just this Transaction" for only that month or "The entire series" for all recurring transactions.  

  • Select the appropriate check box, then click on the Delete button



Ignore a Transaction

Select Ignore from the drop down menu to remove exclude a single transaction from your Cash Vision forecast. To confirm, you will be presented with a pop up and must select Ignore


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