Your Custom ScaleFactor Email Address


Contact us from your email provider with your custom ScaleFactor email address.

If you prefer to communicate with ScaleFactor through email, you may use your custom ScaleFactor email address, sometimes referred to as a mail token. The format of your ScaleFactor email address is typically [yourcompanyname] If you are unsure what your email token is, send a message in-app or give us a call

Simply send an email to your ScaleFactor email address in the "To" field and our team of specialists will respond within one business day. The email will also be recorded in your in-app Messaging tool. You can respond from Messaging or in the email thread.

If you are not receiving email replies from ScaleFactor, make sure the unsubscribe check box is not checked in Settings > Notifications.





  • When replying to a thread from your email provider, do not add content below the dotted line. We'll remind you in the email: 

 ========== Please do not reply below this line ==========

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