Set up users to approve bill payments in Bill Pay, powered by


Limit bill viewability and approval access to select users.


There are two parts to controlling user access to bills in the Settings page:

  1. Settings > Team Members 
  2. Settings > Bills > Approval Rules


Settings > Team Members 

Create a new user in the team member tab on the Settings page:



New users will default to having full access to all products. To update those permissions, navigate to the user and select the Edit button. If the Bill Pay, powered by feature is toggled to Full, the user will have the Bills page visible when they log in to ScaleFactor. 

  • To disable the Bills page, toggle the Bill Pay, powered by feature to Off  



Settings > Bills > Approval Rules 

For users with the Bill Pay, powered by feature toggled On, there are three approval roles in the Bills tab under Settings:   

  1. View only 
  2. Approve up to a given amount 
  3. Approve all bills 


Navigate to the Bills tab and scroll down to the Approval Rules section: 



To edit a user's approval role, select the Edit button next to their name, select the rule and click Submit to save your changes:






  • Account Admins are defaulted to approve all bills 
  • Only Admins have the ability to create new users and update permission settings.
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