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Learn how to manage unpaid bills in ScaleFactor.  

Once you've submitted a bill, ScaleFactor will enter the bill details and surface the bill for your approval in the Ready for Approval section of the Unpaid Bills page. 

You can take the following actions on a bill:

  • Approve for payment 
  • Mark as already paid 
  • Request an edit 
  • Deny the bill 
  • Review more details before taking action  

Any time an action is taken on a bill (approve, deny, mark as paid, request edit,) the notes section will document the user, date & time, action and any relevant notes. 


Manage Your Bills

On the Unpaid Bills page, navigate to the Ready for Approval section at the top. Select the three dots on the right side of the bill to open the menu of quick actions: 


Each action has a confirmation screen, so you can confirm the action before moving forward. Read below for more information about the various actions you can take to manage your bills in ScaleFactor. 



To view more information about a bill before taking action, including viewing a PDF of the submitted bill, either click on the bill line or select Review from the drop down menu. Once you're on this screen, you can take action on your bill from here:


You can also edit the Pay On an Payment Account fields on the bill review screen. 




To approve a bill for payment, select the Approve button.

You will be presented with a confirmation screen that contains details such as the date you are requesting to schedule the bill for payment. Select the Approve button to confirm:



Mark as Paid

If you went ahead and paid a bill outside of ScaleFactor, simply select "Mark as Paid." The confirmation screen will request the date you paid the bill (required) and the account you paid it from (optional.) Select Submit to confirm this action:  


Example: a vendor stopped by your office in person, so you cut a check to pay off that bill. 


Request Edit

If you'd like to request changes to a bill, select Request Edit and complete the field with what you would like updated. Click on Request Edit to submit your request. 


 Pro tip: You can edit the pay on date and bank account yourself! Select Review to open the bill details page, then edit the Pay On an Payment Account fields.  



To reject payment of a bill altogether, select the Deny option. A confirmation window will appear; select the reason you are denying the bill and click Submit to confirm: 







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