How do I submit a bill to ScaleFactor for payment?


When you receive a bill, it is best practice to submit it to ScaleFactor via email right away. That way, you have a holistic picture of your accounts payable and can take your time approving and determining when to pay that and other bills.


Submit bills with your unique ScaleFactor Bill Pay email address, which follows the format 

Your Bill Pay email address is different from your custom ScaleFactor support email address ( Your Bill Pay email address should be used only to submit bills; your support email address should be used for all other communication with ScaleFactor.  


To locate your unique ScaleFactor Bill Pay email address, navigate to the Unpaid Bills page in ScaleFactor. Your Bill Pay email address can be found in the upper right corner of the page:


When you send bills to your Bill Pay email address, they bill will appear in the Submitted Bills section on the Unpaid Bills page:


Our team will enter the bill within two business days (but often in less than 24 hours) and move the bill to the Ready for Approval section. 


Pro tip: Be sure the vendor information is included on the bill or in the vendor contact in ScaleFactor. Our team cannot enter the bill without complete vendor information. At a minimum, we need the vendor name and remit to address. Bonus points for the vendor email address so we can invite them to set up a free receivables account to receive payment via ACH.  



Do you have a email address you've previously used to submit bills? No problem, you can still use it; however, you won't be able to see submitted bills in your ScaleFactor software until our team has entered the bill, where it will appear in the Ready for Approval section.


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