Where can I go to find out payment confirmation details?


Confirm your vendor was paid.


Navigate to the All Bills page and filter by the Paid status, or search for a specific bill by vendor or invoice number. 

Once you've located the bill, click on the bill or select Review from the three dot menu to open the bill details screen.

In the upper left corner, you'll find the payment confirmation details.  


Based on the payment method, the payment confirmation details will contain relevant information you can share with vendor as proof of payment. 

Payment Method:ACH

  • Reference Number: unique identifier used by the bank to confirm payment  
  • Process Date: the date payment was initiated and funds were removed from your account 
  • Received On Date: the date payment was received by the vendor 

Payment Method: Check

  • Memo: notes from the check memo line 
  • Process Date: the date the check was mailed out and funds were removed from your account 
  • Received By Date: based on USPS standard delivery times, the latest date the check should be received by the vendor 
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